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Delete creo files from folder


Delete creo files from folder


I want to delete creo files from a particular folder.

Please let me know if any c++ toolkit api is available for this.


Thanks and regards,



In the context of your code, do you already know where the folder is? I don't believe that any of the Pro/TOOLKIT APIs have a specific "delete from folder" type function... but you could always use the windows APIs for this?


You would include your windows headers/libs. Then, collect files in the desired directory using "FindFirstFile" (usually "FindFirstFileW"). Alternatively, you could also collect files in the directory using the Pro/Toolkit function "ProFilesList".


From there, you could call "DeleteFile", (usually "DeleteFileW") on anything with a PRT, ASM, or DRW extension. or There's also obviously functionality inside of the c++ std lib too - 

So it really just depends on how "compliant" you are trying to be with C++ standards vs how much you want to leverage OS-specific methods:


Past that, if you are instead trying to "get" the directory of a model that is already loaded into Creo... you could get the path of the mode. If you are using Pro/TOOLKIT, I believe you can do that with "ProModel" (as opposed to ProMdl). If you are using Object Toolkit (OTK), you can do this with the pfcModelDescriptor.


Hope this helps.



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