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Detail Symbol


Detail Symbol


Can Anyone let me know different types of symbols? I just now heard from a designer that detail symbol is also there. Actually, I am into toolkit so little bit new into design.



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Symbols can be pretty much anything you would use over and over.

Defined files and defaults, while in a drawing or model, can be found under the Annotate tab > Symbol.

Three options are available (4 in modeling:

  • Symbol from palette: It will open a separate window of industry standard images where you can select a desired symbol then place it on the object.
  • Custom Drawing Symbol: Selecting this will take you to the symbol folder (if defined) and provide you with symbols that one has created.
  • Symbol Gallery: allows one to make or save a selection as a symbol.  grouping definitions and variable texts can be defined with a symbol (text for a revision balloon)


Hi Ron,

Thank you very much for this info.

IS there a way to identify different types of symbol? as per me, it is name of symbol only which can help us to identify different symbols.



During the creation of a symbol, you can name it anything you like.

Preferably something that is tangible to the symbol itself like "revball.sym" for a revision balloon or "key_note.sym" for a key note tag

You could also group them in folders too


This is much more helpful....

One more question..Once symbol is used in a drawing..., is there a way to differentiate them except name of the symbol??

To add on to  above,if I have named a symbol used for revision as ABC.sym; is there a way to identify this in a drawing file other than comparing name of all symbols with ABC.sum?

I don't know of any way to differentiate them except when you go to place a symbol, in the custom drawing symbol menu, in the definition pull down menu it will list all the symbols currently used in the drawing.

I'm sure there is probably some way programmatically, but that is beyond me.

I am least concerned about programmatically as of now. My first goal is to understand manual process in detail. Let me redefine my last question.

For example, I have used five different symbols into a drawing file. Is there a way [I am ignoring look and feel method] to identify which symbol represent detailing, revision etc.?

Am I right if I say that only way to identify the same is proper naming convention followed during creation of symbol.



you can "poke and probe".

If you have symbols named in a series, like 1, 2, 3...10.sym, either you memorize, list, or when browsing for a symbol to use, you can select it and while in the custom symbol menu, the viewer will show you the symbol selected to be placed.

giving is some meaningful name is probably the best way to go since humans are the ones needing the easy interpretation.

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