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Determine x32 or x64?


Determine x32 or x64?

We are going to be switching to a mixed environment where we have some x32 and some x64 machines, both needing to run my Pro/TOOLKIT programs. Is there a function I can call which will tell me if I am on a x32 or x64 bit platform. The same code should work regardless, but I do need to change a few paths and namesdepending on whether it is x32 or x64, so I'd like to be able to handleboth platforms with the same program.

Thanks, John

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If you are writing a DLL then your compiled code will NOT work with both
environments. The DLL must be the same architecture as Pro/ENGINEER. What
I would do is compile a dll for both architectures and determine the
architecture at install time. Then install the appropriate DLL at that

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John Mattson <-> wrote on 03/31/2010 09:13:57 AM:


Perhaps you can use the "getenv" function and check the "PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE=x86" environment variable.


specify the path of dll file using $PRO_MACHINE_TYPE in protk.dat, such as:

exec_file .\$PRO_MACHINE_TYPE\myapp.dll

ProE set this variable self:

for x32: $PRO_MACHINE_TYPE=i486_nt

for x64: $PRO_MACHINE_TYPE=x86e_win64

so for the setup we can take no care of system plattform

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