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Did you know about quick extraction in SMARTElectrode

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Did you know about quick extraction in SMARTElectrode

In some cases a simple electrode geometry can be extracted easily. For these cases, SMARTElectrode offers a quick function. After selection of the burn-faces select Add Smart Electrode from the context menu:

Add Smart Electrode command in context menu

The software performs the necessary steps as far as possible automatically:

1. Creating a new model from template. Resulting new model
2. Copying selected surfaces. Result of copying selected surfaces
3. Cutting out geometry. Result of cutout feature
4. Adding an offset to top surface Expanded top surface

Attach geometry. Connect solid with base.

Geometry connected to FREE_FACE

Selecting an appropriate size from the blank list.

Creating the base.

Resulting base


This procedure also works with multiple selected surface sets:

Multiple selected surface setsResulting base for multiple surface sets


Related configuration options

  • Creo-options start_model_dir and/or template_solidpart to create a new model (step 1).
  • add_xy_wp_size and add_z_wp_size are offset values for the solid feature (step 3).
  • finish_default_offset controls the offset in Z direction of the electrode. 0 used if not possible to create (step 4).
  • default_supplier and default_type decide where to look for the list with blank sizes (step 6).

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