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Error trying to open a file that was made on my pc


Error trying to open a file that was made on my pc

I have a assembly that I built a few months ago and now it will not open. I am getting the following std.out error"ERROR - D:\ptc\work\, linenum 163: Invalid value 'DRAGsilhouettes no' for keyword 'SPIN_CONTROL'.
init_cri_functions(): No readnewermodels.dll in H:\PTC\wildfire2.0\i486_nt\obj\" This has some area in my configpro that are showing errors. I don't think that they are causing my issue but the "readnewermodels.dll" I have never seen before. Does anyone have this file so I can put it in my software? I do not have maintenance. I am running wildfire 2.0
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21-Topaz II

"readnewermodels.dll" is the PTC plug-in that allows WF2 to read files
saved in WF3 or WF4. Sounds like the file you are trying to open was
created in a newer version and without the plug-in, you won't be able

As a side note, it looks like there may be a line return missing in your
config file at line 163. Looks like you have:

SPIN_CONTROL DRAGsilhouettes no

when it should be:

silhouettes no

However, neither of those show up in WF4 as valid config options.

Doug Schaefer
Doug Schaefer | Experienced Mechanical Design Engineer

Hi all,

A little off topic but;
Our company wants to standardize on a CAD tool. We've been ProE for 12 years, merged with a company that's SolidWorks, and have aquired companies that use ProE and SW respectively. We're basically 50/50. We'll support both for legacy, but use one moving forward.
I really don't want to get into which is better. They're both 3d feature based design/modeling tools. We'll also most likely be going to PDMLink 9.1 since it's compatible with Pro and SW (not sure what SW PDM Enterprise is capable of). But if anyone has an opinion on the type of measurable criteria they feel could be used to compare the two (other then things like which creates a hole faster), I'd appreciate it (cost, large assy management, vendor support are a few things I'm thinking of). The idea is to have ProE as a benchmark, assign criteria to both, then evaluate the criteria.


I really depends on your market, and requirements for communicating with
your suppliers / customers.

Not to pick one system over the other, but if you have Pro-E (for
example) as the benchmark, you will run into the opinion that the other
CAD system under review doesn't have the same workflows and 'Doesn't
work'. This may bias your review.

Because you already have experienced users in both systems being
considered, I would hope that you would look to the tasks required
regardless of the CAD system used, and then test both systems
functionality to attaining the goal.

Christopher F. Gosnell

FPD Company

124 Hidden Valley Road

McMurray, PA 15317
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