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Get parameter value using J-link

Get parameter value using J-link



I'm trying to get the value of a parameter, but it is returning this:



I'm trying to get the parameter like this:

Parameter p;

p = (Parameter) model.GetParam("DESCRICAO");




This parameter exists in the model:



Could someone help me?


Thank you!


may be this is the ptc_common_name, this the model name, not an ordinary parameter.

This can be tested by changing the language setting of Creo (or Pro/E), if the parameter name change from DECRICAO to DESCRIPTION, then it is the ptc_common_name.

To access this parameter, you have to use the model name.

I am not using ptc_common_name parameter.

This parameter was created. It is not a common parameter.

The value of this parameter is manually entered.

Try this:

//assuming you already have a handel to a Creo model with String parameter "DESCRICAO"

Parameter param = model.GetParam("DESCRICAO");

ParamValue paramVal = param.GetValue();

String strParamVal = paramVal.GetStringValue();

txtDescricao.setText( strParamVal );

Thanks Tom Decock!

It worked as expected!

Hi Sulmaq,

Glad to help. Could you mark the answer as being correct ? Otherwise the status remains "not answered" 😉

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