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How do I extract the file names of the model tree and certain parameters in tabular format?


How do I extract the file names of the model tree and certain parameters in tabular format?

Hello, everyone


In Creo, you can extract parameter tables in csv or txt format from the Parameters window.
However, this table is separated by commas, and if opened in Excel, all values are displayed in one column


We are going to use the toolkit to extract tables of a format similar to the BOM
One column has a list called File Name.
One or more other columns are the names of specific parameters
Maps the name of the file and the value of the parameter in the model tree (all objects in the session).
So I want to get the following table.


How do I extract the filename and specific parameters of a model tree to a table format?


If you tell Excel it's in CSV format it will put the data in separate columns. I guess you could change the suffix to ".csv"


You can also use Data-> Text to Columns to split a single cell that has comma separated values.

@dschenken thank you 

but, The point of my question is not the division of the table row in a EXCEL.
The goal is to get the same table as the second figure.
Gets the name of the model in the session as a single column.
The specific parameters of each model (MATERIAL in the figure) are imported as a separate column.
Export the generated table in csv or xls format.


The point of my question is not setting the model tree or extracting it with csv in the Parameters window.
What i want It is to extract the information of the model in the session using toolkit or map key.
For example, There is an assembly called A.asm in the session.
A.asm has A.prt, B.prt, and C.prt as subcomponents.
Each part file has a parameter called MATERIAL, whose values are Al, Pl, and so on.
Returns the list of parameters that a part has if it is extracted with csv in the Parameters tab.
What I want is to extract the names of the models in the session and the values of the parameters of each model.

All the mapkey has to do is to select "Save" on the Model Tree and it creates a file with the information displayed in the Model Tree.


I think you should buy a license of Nitro-BOM.

Download a FREE License here: Simplified Logic Tutorial on Nitro-BOM Introduction for CREO and Pro/Engineer from PTC

@dschenken That's what I want!
Can it be developed with a toolkit?
If so, which guide or API should I refer to?



I do not need all the features shown.
Just extract the model names and parameters!
I'm not thinking about the function of interlocking.


Hello all,


Start with the basics - K&R C book - pointers, arrays, structures, functions, text handling... 

The next step is to familiarize yourself with Pro/Toolkit API's. This is probably a bare minimum.

  • type of application : synchronous/asynchronous/dll/exe...  
  • compilation - make file or Visual Studio solution
  • ProArray
  • ProAsmcomppath
  • ProMdl
  • ProFeatureVisit
  • ProParameter

protoolkit installation directory contains a number of sample applications with the source code...






I want to convert it to Excel like nitro-BOM.
This seems to be quite a demand.
If you have any examples or APIs to implement, please let me know.