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J-Link RegisterServer hangs


J-Link RegisterServer hangs

The attached J-link app has been used successfully for months, but now we have a perplexing problem.

Overview: We have a job queuing system (PBS Pro) that runs jobs on our Windchill server.
Each jobs simply runs Pro/E with a trail file to create a plot file of a drawing (per our internal requirements).
The J-Link app's start-class is set to do the following immediately when Pro/E starts:

  1. Authenticate the browser.

  2. Register the Windchill server.

  3. Define & create a workspace

  4. Add a drawing to the workspace.

The trail file does the rest, which is not important here.
We recently configured PBS Pro to use an additional server (for load balancing).
When a job runs on this new server, the J-Link app hangs at step 2 above.
It is not failing. The try/catch statements should address that. (Lines 112 - 119)
The last-know completed statement is line 108.
The apparent hanging problem is on line 113.

Now here's the perplexing part:
If an admin user happens to be logged unto the new/2nd server (through remote desktop connection) when the job starts, the job will run completely as expected, just as it would on the Windchill/1st server.

Note: The admin user is not launching the job.
The job is actually initiated on the Windchill server by PBS Pro, which sends a message to the PBS Pro service on the new/2nd server, which in turn launches the job (batch file) which includes the Pro/E batch session.

Any ideas before I contact PTC?



Its been a while since I converted our TK stuff to windchill but I did
have one issue with registration when I did it. If I remember right
it seems like I had to manually start pro and manually unregister the
windchill servers and then close Pro/e. Then at next startup my
automatic registering program would hook to the server. This was TK,
not j-link but could be similiar.

Mark Steffke

I would take a look into the log files on the Windchill server for any clues. I see you are using SSL. Maybe is is a certificate related problem.

Bjarne Frandsen

(Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 M170andWindchill 9.1M060 on Windows)

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