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List of Creo Colors


List of Creo Colors

Hi All,


Is there a thread where I can find a list of different system colors that I can download? Looking for an easy way to grab .scl files with already made color configs.


Thanks in advance!

21-Topaz I

Why don't you just search for it?

Regardless, this is the stuff from one of my old syscol.scl files:

blended_background              no
system_background_color           0.000000   0.000000   0.000000
system_dimmed_menu_color         70.000000  70.000000  70.000000
system_bottom_blending_color      0.000000   6.000000  20.000000
system_curves_color               0.000000  90.000000  90.000000
system_datum_color               60.000000  45.000000   0.000000
system_dimmed_menu_color         70.000000  70.000000  70.000000
system_edge_high_color            0.000000   0.000000 100.000000
system_geometry_color           100.000000 100.000000 100.000000
system_hidden_color              40.000000  40.000000  40.000000
system_highlight_color           60.000000   0.000000  20.000000
system_letter_color             100.000000 100.000000   0.000000
system_presel_highlight_color    50.000000  20.000000  20.000000
system_preview_geom_color       100.000000  75.000000   0.000000
system_quilt_color               60.000000   0.000000  70.000000
system_secondary_preview_color   70.000000  70.000000  70.000000
system_secondary_selected_color 100.000000  50.000000   0.000000
system_section_color            100.000000  72.000000  30.000000
system_selected_color            80.000000   0.000000   0.000000
system_shaded_edge_color          0.000000   0.000000   0.000000
system_sheetmetal_color          30.000000 100.000000  30.000000
system_top_blending_color         0.000000  35.000000  60.000000
system_volume_color             100.000000   0.000000 100.000000
ui_background_color             default
ui_editable_area_color          default
ui_selected_area_color          default
ui_selected_text_color          default
ui_text_color                   default
use_pre_wildfire_entity_color   no
alias_dtm_pln_color_to          system_datum_color
alias_dtm_pln_tag_color_to      system_dimmed_menu_color
alias_dtm_axis_color_to         system_datum_color
alias_dtm_axis_tag_color_to     system_dimmed_menu_color
alias_dtm_pnt_color_to          system_curves_color
alias_dtm_pnt_tag_color_to      system_dimmed_menu_color
alias_coord_sys_color_to        system_datum_color
alias_coord_sys_tag_color_to    system_dimmed_menu_color
alias_sec_dim_strong_color_to   system_letter_color
alias_sec_dim_weak_color_to     system_hidden_color

Unfortunately, as you will find, the colors used throughout Creo are undocumented and a somewhat arcane thing. I've tried to set up a "nice" color scheme only to find that colors I thought went with specific functions are actually from somewhere else, and the inability to select certain types of things wouldn't be visible, etc.

Testing changes is also not a lot of fun.

All in all, I found messing about with the color schemes a bad experience.

The following four colors are missing from your listing:


By the way, you mentioned system_dimmed_menu_color twice.

Like I said, this is stuff from old syscol.scl files. I just dumped out what I had - it's a list of stuff others before me have modified and kludged together. Duplicates? Nice to know, but presumably the last setting is the one that wins. I've ferreted out the same sort of thing in files, too.

As for the blending colors, even if I'd known about them I wouldn't use them. I find the blended background terribly annoying. I'm a solid black background person. The blended stuff is terrible especially if I'm going to grab an image from the screen and then edit it to make the background transparent, etc. If there are a bunch of shades of colors it is difficult if not impossible to pick just the background to remove it. Plus, to be honest, I don't like the blended stuff to begin with.

I posted the settings just for the sake of completeness.
I have exported from the xtop.exe all existing strings and filtered for SYSTEM_*_COLOR.
My four were the only ones you didn't already have listed.

Since there is no official documentation on the part of PTC about all the existing settings, I thought I'd add to your post so that there is at least a starting point for other users on the subject.

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