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Mirror parts


Mirror parts

Hi all, i'm triying to retrieve models from an assembly from toolkit.
This assembly has some parts that had been build using mirror. My problem
is that i want to avoid these mirror parts but i dont know how i can
diferenciate between a genuine part from a mirror one. I tried
ProFeatureCopyinfoGet, but needs a feature and i only have solids. There is
any way to know if a part from an assembly is a mirror given his ProMdl

Thanks in advice.

P.D Im using toolkit for ProE 2001

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Remember, a solid IS a feature of an assembly. So your Pro/TOOLKIT
function call order should be something like this:

1. Visit the assembly components with ProSolidFeatVisit(). Yes
you can pass an assembly to this function. Each assembled
part/subassembly is a feature of the top level assembly.

2. In the filter function make sure you are visiting components
only. Read the API Wizard under User's Guide->Assemblies->Visiting
Assembly Components

3. In the action function call ProFeatureCopyinfoGet(). The
feature parameter to the action function is actually a ProAsmcomp. Pass
this parameter to ProFeatureCopyinfoGet() and you should be able to find
out if the component is a feature.

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