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Need help understanding membermaps for Cables in RSD/Creo schematics


Need help understanding membermaps for Cables in RSD/Creo schematics

I have this quoted from the RSD help file - "The membermap defines names (column A and B) and datasets (column C) for all members of this group. Columns D, E, and F specify the port members of each cable fiber. The membermap must contain all members that can exist in the variable group. The map values for members not in the group are created as spare cores or cables, but not ports. A membermap cannot be applied to a group instance if all members for that instance are not specified." This note accompanies this screenshot in the help; 8-20-2014+8-39-23+AM.png

I don't understand the relationship between port members and and a fiber in a cable group. Shouldn't a fibre representing a conductor in a multiconductor cable have no more than two ports, one for each end of the fiber? I know this may sound uninformed. But, I can't seem to find any info about ports and the definition of ports with respect to fibers (as belonging to a fiber). Can anyone clear up this confusion for me?

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I believe these two extra are for cross-sheet graphics ports.




when referring to Cables cores/Fibers - if fiber is routed across-sheets - the fiber has more then two ports : two ports at the fiber edges and additioanl port/s for the cross-sheet connection.

if your try to use dataset which has membermap for only two ports for each fiber, you will not be able to route the fiber across-sheets or via highway.



Thank-you for your reply. It has cleared up some of my confusion. This leads to another question unfortunately. Is it that the number of potential port positions are doubled, i.e. 1-6, instead of 1-3, to accommodate a cross-sheet connection for fibers or is an extra dataset created for each potential cross-sheet connection? I noticed that some membermaps have more than 2 sets of logical name and physical names, and it seems that the number of sets can be extended out indefinitely. (And why doesn't the Creo Schematics help delve into this more descriptively? (That's a rhetorical question, naturally. 🙂 ))

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