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OtkTestInstall does not works


OtkTestInstall does not works

Hello every body. I'm trying to make the "OtkTestInsta" work. I've got build the otktestinstall sucssesfully, but a erro message apears when PTC creo starts. The trial.log shows:

!trail file version No. 1800

!Creo  TM  3.0  (c) 2016 by PTC Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

!Exit Logger data:

! Process ID: 9332

! Application: Creo_Parametric

! Start date&time: 2016/05/17  21:51:12

! language: portuguese

! machine type: x86e_win64

! datecode: M010

! Server: NONE

! Workspace: NONE

! traceback file: C:\Users\Public\Documents\traceback.log

!end Exit Logger data.

< 0 0.846222 1220 0 0 714 1366 0 0 768 13

!mem_use INCREASE Blocks 614322, AppSize 60831821, SysSize 72386376

< 0 0.669630 1109 0 0 565 1366 0 0 768 13

< 0 0.669630 1054 0 0 565 1366 0 0 768 13

!%CIWelcome to PTC Creo Parametric 3.0.

!Application (pt_inst_test): running DLL-mode user_initialize


!Application (pt_inst_test): returned from DLL-mode user_initialize; status is 0

!Application (pt_inst_test): started via registry.

! exec path: C:\Users\Public\Documents\makeinstall\make_install\pt_inst_test.dll

! type: synchronous Pro/TOOLKIT DLL

! Message Dialog: Warning

!               : Foreign program "protoolkit" failed to initialize: error PRO_TK_GENERAL_ERROR

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

! Message Dialog: Warning

!               : Startup of application "protoolkit" failed.

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `ok`

~ Close `main_dlg_cur` `main_dlg_cur`

!Command ProCmdOSExit was pushed from the software.

! Message Dialog: Warning

!               : PTC Creo Parametric will terminate and any unsaved work will be lost.

!               : Do you really want to exit?

~ FocusIn `UI Message Dialog` `yes`

~ Activate `UI Message Dialog` `yes`

!Application (pt_inst_test): running DLL-mode user_terminate

!Application (pt_inst_test): returned from DLL-mode user_terminate

!End of Trail File

The example in "C", makeinstall Works fine.

Does anybody can help me?



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