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Plotter print size issues


Plotter print size issues

We have a OCE TDS600 plotter that just in the last week has started having issues with print sizes. One of our engineers has an E size drawing that he wants to print as a C size. If he uses the Creo print manager it prints a D size drawing on and E size page. If he uses the Windows print manager he gets a D size drawing on C size paper. I have come to find out that everyone trying to print an E size as a C size is having this issue but only with this printer. When trying this combination through Creo View it prints correctly most of the time. Also printing PDF versions of the drawing come out correctly. This makes me think it has something to do with the pcf file but nothing has be changed in that for over 2 years.


Creo 2.0 M160


pcf file for this printer


plotter OCE9600

button_name TDS600(DC2)

button_help TDS600 on printserver

delete_after_plotting yes

plot_drawing_format YES default

plot_segmented NO default

plot_roll_media YES default

plot_label NO default

plot_handshake software default

create_separate_files NO default

plot_with_panzoom yes default

rotate_plotting NO default

allow_file_naming YES

plot_name NO

interface_quality 3 default

plot_destination printer default

plotter_command windows_print_manager \\printserver\Oce TDS600

plot_file_dir C:\temp\

pen_table_file table.pnt

plot_sheets current default

!paper_size d default

paper_size_allowed c d e f

paper_outline NO default

plot_clip NO default

plot_area NO default

plot_stroke_text YES

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