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ProE DetailNotes VS Windows Fonts.


ProE DetailNotes VS Windows Fonts.

Hi all, i have a question about DetailNote fonts versus Windows
fonts, as you know the Protoolkit class ProDtlnote is used to work with
Detail Notes and uses a subclass named DetailNotetext in order to work
with the texts inside the detail note. The Protoolkit's help describes
some functions to get data such font name, width and other information
about the text style used on the detail note. Well the problem is that all
the information that belongs to size properties are expresed in "world
coordinates" and i want to know if it is possible the equivalence with
windows standard fonts. I'm looking for something that given the ProE font
data as shown below:

slant angle="0.000000"
width factor="0.800000"

Could give to me the Windows nearest font and size for example: Times new
roman, Size 20, regular and not underline. In other words i want to knows
which windows font property its the equivalent to ProE font property
-mheight, mthickness, width_factor and so on... Hope you can help me.

Best regards
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