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ProEngineerConnect() cant' connect!!!


ProEngineerConnect() cant' connect!!!

Hi all, i have a question about ProEngineerConnect toolkit
function. I have the following scenerio: We have a full asyncronous
application wich calls the ProEngineerConnect function in order to
stablish the proper link between the application and ProE, we also have
floating licenses for ProE. The application starts and connects to to ProE
without any problems, but if the license is lost (by network issues or
inactivity) and is recovered after a while the application can't connect
to ProE despite of the fact that ProE is still running and it has
recovered a valid license. In that sitiuation the function
ProEngineerConnect always returns PRO_TK_NO_EXISTS message and we need to
shut down ProE and restart it in order to work with the toolkit
application. We have also tried to kill nmsd.exe and pro_comm_msg.exe and
start both processes again but the problem still there. The only way to
get it working again is to restart ProE, but it is not the desired
solution because it is not a clean solution because it implies that user
must save his sesion, them close ProE and open it and them retrieve all
the moldels, drawings... again. Anyone knows how to solve it? why can't we
connect again to ProE when recovers from a license lost?

BR, Sergio

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Thanks David, but we dont want to lock a license until it is strictly
necesary. What we want is to know why it is not possible to stablish a
connection to a ProE sesion that has lost and recovered a license, its a
ProE bug? It's a toolkit limitation on full asyncronous application? Why
users can work with that sesion but not able to connect any toolkit
asyncronous application?

BR, Sergio

Perhaps it might be of help setting this config option:

suppress_license_loss_dialog yes

Perhaps internally Pro/E waits for something... as far as I know Pro/E connects automatically to the license server again if this option is set to 'yes'.



Andreas Hellmann
MCAD Services Pro/E & Pro/E customization
Rudolf-Diesel-Str. 6
D-65439 Floersheim / Germany

phone: +49 6145 598296
mail: -

No, we are not using any Windchill/Intralink. Licenses are
released when users remains inactive an amount of time. The problem here
is that our toolkit application reads a huge amount of data from the ProE
sesion and in some cases is possible the following scenario: User loads
all his design on the ProE session, connects to toolkit application, user
leaves his computer (by ending his workday or must leave it in order to
attend other duties, for example) after a few minutes of inactivity ProE
releases his license acording to our license policy, when the user comes
again and takes control on his computer, ProE will recover his license and
user will continue working on ProE without any problem, but the connection
between ProE and the toolkit application has broken and can't be resumed
even restarting the toolkit application, so that situation forces the user
to restart ProE and them open all the design again and spent a lot of time
retrieving models, assemblies and drawings that he has loaded on the past
only to restablish the connection with the toolkit app. It's like ProE
fails to attend connections when it recover from the license release. Off
course one solution could be to lock a license or may be increase the
period of inactivity in order to reduce the risk of this sceneario but, is
not the desired solution if other one that not involves changes in license
policies is possible. This is the reason because we are looking for a
solution by the hand of ProToolkit, may be we are doing something wrong
when calling ProEngineerConnect or may be there is another function on
ProToolkit or something on the ProE config files to avoid this issue, so
any help will be apreciated.

BR' Sergio

Hi Sergio,

I have a full async. J-Link application, it's not the same I know but I think the mechanism could be the same.

In normal case nothing happens when I disconnect my software manually, but if my Creo crashes or I get a failure in the connection something stuck inside the "communication pipe" (I know its only a port connection, but it's symbolic). So after that nothing happens anymore, no connections possible until restart both programs (Creo & my tool). I set the config option (like Andreas said) and it solves this problem.

You can set this config option automatically. So the window did not appear. The Window blocks the communication above the async channel and that can resolve in a "broken pipe" or in a blocked port or whatever. So since I set this config option (the window don't get shown when I set the config option, also if it whould be when I return to Creo) I don't have this problem at this location in program anymore.

Best regards,


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