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Start part configuration


Start part configuration

Dear Experts,

May I know how to configure the Start part and how it will linked to the tool bar as a symbol. (so each time we can access the “new part” by picking this.) (Like by running a macro?)

If we do so, where we can find these standard files in the local directory (like C:\ptc\lib) so that a new person can access this and analyze the properties that we have assigned.

Please guide me on this.

Kind Regards,



I am using WF-4

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Hi Hari...

Your start part is literally just a regular Pro/E part pre-configured with any parameters, datums, views, and relations you wish. Save this part and place it in a common location where everyone can access it. If you're using Windchill or Pro/INTRALINK, you can store the part in a library or other folder. If you're not using data management software, you can simply put the part on a shared network drive or place a copy on each users' workstation.

To instruct Pro/ENGINEER where to find your start parts, assemblies, etc. you can set several options in your file. Take a look at these options:

  • start_model_dir
  • template_solidpart
  • template_designasm
  • template_drawing

Specify a directory/folder path for start_model_dir and specify a full pathname and file name for the other three options. Pro/E will use the paths and filenames in these options to pull your start parts.

You do not need to add a special icon to your start menu to access these start parts. Setting the options above provides a template for Pro/E whenever a new part, assembly, or drawing are started. However, if you wish to add a new icon, you've already hit upon the answer. Just record a mapkey as you would for any other command. You can assign an icon to the mapkey and then drag that icon into any position in your graphics window. If this process is unclear, you can find help in the help files... or just write back and someone here will certainly help provide clearer instructions.



Thanks Brian!