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UI components


UI components


I have extensively use label, push button, layout , tree and table for Creo toolkit UI.

We are planning to take input from user dynamically... Confused what component of UI should be used for dialogue to take input...

We need to develop something like help assistant we see on any of the website... For example , once we go to some sites , they ping us like how may I assist you...We respond and again that person ask next question..

Can any one throw some light on how to do so by using which components from UI...??

Thanks in advance...


Any thought will be of great help...

If you expect like chat bots means,


Chat botChat bot

1. Create a Form

2. Place the TextArea for User input

3. Place the buttton for Submit


Whenever the user enters the input and clicks submit, get the content of text area analyze the string and update the text area with new line.

Parthiban Kannan

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Seems great dude...
Only question is how to differentiate between two texts which are from different user... For example, a has asked and b has responded... This two things need to be differentiated and how is the query...

As I am yet to implement, would like to explore any other option available if any...

Take a look at old style UI of ICQ or AOL (google search in pictures).


Not so easy but: you can create any ui using html and JS. And using weblink to interact with toolkit (backend) apps. Maybe even possible to integrate some web chat or web assistents solutions in this maner...


Update the user input into Text area when submit



Parthiban Kannan

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