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UI dialog style in Toolkit


UI dialog style in Toolkit



Can anyone suggest me document related to UI dialogue style set into Toolkit? I would like to explore different option available into API ProUIDialogDialogstyleSet(). What does each option of argument ProUIDialogStyle represents?


Thanks in advance. Any help would be of great help.





Hi @Ketan_Lalcheta

creo4_m010_tkuse.pdf ( Creo Parametric TOOLKIT User's Guide) has details on DialogStyle. Page# 329, 407.

Warm regards,



The following are the dialog style
types supported by Creo
Parametric TOOLKIT :
1. Modal type with respect to its
parent Dialog =
PARENT_MODAL; This should be
the value for all dialogs except
those involving progress bars.
2. A transient dialog type is used
only to display some state
information, usually referring to
the progress of some kind of
lengthy operation =
WORKING; This should be the
value for dialogs with progress
Other dialog style values are not
currently supported for Creo
Parametric TOOLKIT dialogs.

Thank you so much. It helped. Actually I thought changing ui dialog style will allow me to activate "Datum Display Filters" even though dialog is active.


Any idea on how to achieve the same?


Thanks and Regards


Sorry @Ketan_Lalcheta , I am not getting your question. is it still about dialog style?

below mentioned link might have answer for datum display filter:



Let me elaborate. I have not set any of the dialog style. This is basic scenario. Once user clicks on auxilarry application, GUI opens and dialog is active.


At this point of time, user is not able to activate "Datum Display Filters" manually. To activate or deactivate, user has to close GUI of auxilary application and then end user will be able to do so. 


What I would like to do is that end user should be able to activate "Datum Display Filters" manually even though GUI dialog is active.


Feel free to revert in case of any query.


Thanks and Regards


Well Modeless dialog would be a solution.

I do not know the exact option but per me there are 1 to 6 DialogStyles. I just know details of 2 which I have shared earlier.

Hope that helps.




I checked that modless is present into API ProUIDialogDialogstyleSet(). Any idea whether use of API with proper mode will solve purpose I am looking for?

well you might want to give it a try. It might be your solution.

All the best!


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