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Updating mass properties using JLink


Updating mass properties using JLink

I'm trying to update/override the mass properties of a model from an application using the asynchronous J-Link API. I created a method which takes in a solid and a Hash of the mass property/value pairs. Everything succeeds with no errors/exceptions, however, the values do not change in Creo. I understand most of these properties are calculated and it's probably not a good idea to set them anyway, however, I do want to be able to set the density. Thoughts?



public void updateCADProperties(Solid solid, HashMap<String, Double> values){

MassProperty properties = null;


try {

properties = solid.GetMassProperty(null);







} catch (jxthrowable e) {






Thanks In Advance,




Set methods on MassProperty object doesn't work for me too.

Perhaps the inner Creo calculation as you mentioned.

You should try to access MASS (PRO_MP_MASS) and others via pfcModelItem > Parameter interface.

But I think ti won't work too.

But there is a Alternate Mass Properties table in Creo too.

It's purpose is to replace basic Mass Properties with manualy entered value (if am I right).

It looks that no inner calculation is used on this object.

But unlike MassProperty there is no AlternateMassProperty documented in API.

I'm experimenting with ALT_AREA parameter right now.

And it seems I will be able to write the calculated value into AlternateMassProperty table via Parameter interface.

Mass properties are read-only parameters. The only one that can be set, as Bill already mentioned, is the density. Density is a characteristic of the material. Take a look to the SetMassDensity method under the Material interface and/or MTL_PROP_MASS_DENSITY under the MaterialPropertyType Class.

I'm sorry I can't give you more details, I'm more familiar with Toolkit API's then Jlink.

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