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Upgrading JLink Apps for Creo 2


Upgrading JLink Apps for Creo 2

Hi Everyone -

I have two JLink applications to test on Creo 2. Has anyone had
any success - or failure - at this recently?

I already know from Bjarne Franden's comments that the ribbon UI
will require extra attention. I'm particularly concerned, though,
about reading drawing sheets, symbols and tables. Can anyone
comment on JLink drawing support in Creo 2?

Thanks in advance -

|+| M a r k |+|

Mark Stallard
Rapid Response Development
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Raytheon Company

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Hi Mark,

I updated already three JLink applications to Creo 2 and had no real problems.

I followed the description from JD Felco, see here:

I had only one issue with a tool that regenerates the modelin Creo. If the config option regen_failure_handling is not set to resolve_mode, the regeneration fails.

A other application changes the frame on a drawing and moves tables on the drawing, I was able to reuse the old code to change the frame and find/move the tables.


Michael Holzwarth
Global IT PDP Modeling Solutions Region 2

John Deere GmbH & Co. KG
John Deere Werk Mannheim
John-Deere-Str. 90 • 68163 Mannheim • Germany

We like to run Creo 2.0 with no resolve mode, so I toggle it from J-Link whenever I need to regenerate with code like this:

//Activate resolvemode to allow regeneration
session.SetConfigOption("regen_failure_handling", "resolve_mode");
((Solid) model).Regenerate(null);
session.SetConfigOption("regen_failure_handling", "no_resolve_mode");

Planning the RibbonUI can take some time. I define a J-LINK tab and placeholder groups in creo_parametric_admin_customization.ui for every needed mode.
Then each J-Link application adds itself to a group upon launch with its ribbon.ui file for relevant modes. This way no J-Link application is dependent on others defining UI first. The protkdat order in defines the ordering inside the groups though.

I have converted 15 J-link apps and have only modified the initiation according to JDs description as well. A few apps have been retired due to improved functionality in Creo as well.

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