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Use REST API to export visualization


Use REST API to export visualization


my goal is to export an specific amount of parts (or better the model with a subset of parts) from an existing model from windchill via the rest api, in order to use/convert the model for further applications (okino polytrans -> unity, ....)


Detailed description:

There is a complete model with all variants/features within windchill - we call it the 150% model. The task is to export a specific variant of the model.


What I have done/reached so far: I'm able to get the part tree list for the model via the rest api (parts for the 150% model), filter the tree in order to get the specific variant and get the visualization data (pvz/ol file) for each part.


The Problem:

For my understanding the pvs file is the "glue" (I guess it contains the coordinates) between each ol file. Using the PTC visualization domain will give me a lot of pvz files - one for each part. It is not possible to open this e.g. in polytrans. Another solution was to export a pvs from creoview and copy only the ol files for the specific variant. But the pvs is from the 150% model and so does not work either.


I would be very grateful on every hint on this topic.


Many thanks in advance,



We have done 150% bom reduction stuff using Excel and Creo PVZ Files within Creo Parametric.... it works very well - mainly because the PVZ files are independent of constraints like in the native Creo Assembly.


Here is an example of how we did it:


IF you are looking to simply export the variant via Windchill as a result computed / configured in Windchill... there may be a way to do that in the API docs for that specific function.  Chances are you need to load the 150% first, apply the desired configuration and then export...   which is very similar to what we did using Creo Parametric.


Hope that helps.




Hi Dave,

thanks for the video and the explanation. The Nitro-Cell tool looks pretty cool.


There is also a little project in our company which uses the CreoView Java Toolkit to do the bom reduction stuff (also provided with an excel part list from SAP) and this works very well, but one of the disadvantages is that you have to have a windows pc containing the creo software. Most of the co-workes who wanted to work with the reduced models, does have a mac and the first idea was to give them a tool which consumes the windchill REST API in order to provide them with the desired 100% model in an automated way.


But the more I'm digging into that whole topic, the more I'm getting the understanding that the windchill REST API is not the correct tool for that.




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