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Using Model Manager Web Services


Using Model Manager Web Services


I'm trying to use Model Manager Web Services using Visual Studio.

There is a lack of documentation. I can create a project in VS and then add a Web Reference to Model Manager Web Services. Now how can I login?

How can I do a simple search?

Someone has a simple example?

Any help is appreciated




Search for "mmweb" in your IDE (Netbeans/Eclipse etc.)

mmweb implements the so-called Model Manager Web Client and is based on the WebService (Jetty Server).

Not a simple example, but one that works - including Login

Hope this helps.

Hello Max

I have not found any Examples. Can you tell me  which java class has un example inside?

Hi Alessandro,

"Webservices" are implemented by a huge number of Java Classes and are based on a Jetty Server.
There is no single class which gives you a full template how to use the Webservices.

Something close to a single class:


Sorry, I myself do not implement code using Webservices - I extend Model Manager.


I can log using web services but, getting a file specifying documents ELID, I have an error. See Shapshot.............ScreenHunter_2156 Apr. 05 17.09.jpg

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