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VB API Groups in Patterns


VB API Groups in Patterns

We have some problems/bugs with GroupPatterns and the VB API in Creo 2.0. M020


1. Replacement of an component, which is a member of a group, which is member of an pattern.

Problem: Only the component in the first instance of the pattern is changed. The other occurences in the pattern not!


2. IpfcFeature.GroupPattern is NULL !?!

There is a pattern of a group in our model.

When we retrieve an instance of this pattern in VB the field "GroupPattern" is NULL.

In VB API of Wildfire 5.0 it holds an instance of IpfcGroupPattern.


Where can I announce this bugs?

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Info to Point 2:

In M030 the behaviour changed. In this version the member is not NULL.

But it is still wrong!

The call of "feature.GroupPattern.ListGroupMembers()) returns now all subitems of the pattern.

So the group and all it's subitems are returned !?!

The documentations says, only the instances of the group are delivered.


Problem was solved in Version M060.

Now the functions works fine!

Thank you for support!

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