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WebLink : determine symbol name


WebLink : determine symbol name

Posted: 28August2009 at 10:04am | IP Logged

Dear all

I try to develop a script which lists all symbol names on a drawing.
The code is working fine with most of the symbols I've tested, but I have a symbol which gives me an error called "pfcXInvalidEnumValue"

I can't understand which problem this symol has.

Maybe someone have an idea on how to examine the symbol to get the reason for the failure.

Best Regards

var symslist = drawing.ListDetailItems(pfcCreate ("pfcDetailType").DETAIL_SYM_INSTANCE, null);
for (var j=0;j<symslist.count;j++)<br/>{
//alert("Nummer : " + (j+1));
var CurSymbol = symslist.Item(j);
var CurSymbolInsts = CurSymbol.GetInstructions ();
var CurSymbolDef = CurSymbolInsts.SymbolDef;
var CurSymbolDefInsts = CurSymbolDef.GetInstructions(); // Error in this line

var SymbolName = CurSymbolDefInsts.FullPath;
var CurSymbolDispayed = CurSymbolInsts.IsDisplayed;
// }
// catch(er)
// {
// //alert(er)
// }

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