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Weblink and drawing symbol groups

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Weblink and drawing symbol groups

I have a symbol that I would like to place on a drawing using Weblink.
This symbol has numerous groups. I would like to programmatically select
certain groups before I place the symbol. Looking through the Weblink API
documentation, it appears that Weblink can only show ALL the groups, NONE
of the groups or present a dialog to the user to pick from the available

Is this the case? Is it possible to select a group? If not, does anyone
have a work around?

Thank you in advance,

Mike Phillips
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I have a simple assembly where I have set a STYLE so that I have one part shaded and one part wireframe.

I want to show this style in the drawing. I have set the Drawing View Display Style to SHADING, but it doesn't appear that there is an option to pull in the specific style I have set in the Assembly?

Can this be done?

Doug Pogatetz
Mechanical Design Engineer
Northrop Grumman Corporation

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