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XToolkitBusy exception while launching jLink application


XToolkitBusy exception while launching jLink application

We are on an environment which has Creo 2.0 and we are trying to run the jLink application with it.

The jLink app was made with Creo 3.0 in place and we are just testing the interoperability of our app with Creo 2.0 as well.


But while we are running the JLink application, we are facing a few problem.


When we try to launch the application, when we can see on the console the following lines printed


pm_is_portmapper_port_busy: bind failed, error = 10013

pm_is_portmapper_port_busy: bind failed, error = 10013


This happens when the PortmapperService is running on that machine.

When we stop the PortmapperService, the message is not printed any more.

Here first question is, does JLink APIs require the PortmapperSerivce to be running?


Our next problem is, irrespective of whether the PortMapperService is running or not, we get the following exception while getting the Async Connection to Creo.



        at com.ptc.pfc.pfcAsyncConnection.pfcAsyncConnection.AsyncConnection_Start(Native Method)


We are not able to find out what might be the cause of this problem, when does JLink report a Toolkit Busy exception?


We have taken precautions to configure the environment correctly, following are the steps what we have performed

  • Add the x86e_win64\lib for pfcasyncmt to system path
  • Add the pfcasync jar to java classpath
  • Set jlink_java_command to the correct java executable
  • set the environment variable PRO_COMM_MSG_EXE to the correct path
  • set the environment variable PTCNMSPORT to an unused port


Can somebody please let us know if we are missing some step, or might have configured something wrong.


Did you find solution to this problem. If yes can you please post the same. I am facing similar issue with my Asynchronous Jlink application.

Well, I believe you are not finding this solution now, but I hope my answer can help other people who is new comer in developing Creo.

I got an exception from Creo like following when I tested the asynchronous example from PTC.

at com.ptc.pfc.Implementation.pfcAsyncConnection$AsyncConnection.AddActionListener(Native Method)

I took much time to figure out why I cannot add AsyncActionListener , finally I found that I added otk.jar and pfcasync.jar to the asynchronous example, these two jar packages have lot of same method. So when you run your program,  the methods will get conflict, you just need to delete otk.jar packages from you project.😁



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