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can't find where to define new mapkeys


can't find where to define new mapkeys


I'm now using Creo2 and I can't find where the button for setting up new
mapkeys is.

I can use searchbox and the mapkey windows opens but how to get it in menus
/ ribbons / buttons ?

Searchlist said that this command is not in the ribbon.

What's the problem ?



go to File > Options >Environment 🙂

23-Emerald II

File -options - environment tab.

I quickly got tired of that and added a icon to the quick access toolbar on top



Yeah - it's pretty sad that I needed to make a mapkey to access the mapkey
editor because it is so buried.

Is it really not possible to have custom toolbars? All we get is the quick
access toolbar and it can be either "above" or "below" the ribbon?

Please give me back my tool bars!

They call this an increase in productivity?



Maybe I'm missing something?

In Creo 2.0 not only can you customize the ribbon, you can add your own tab, group or cascading selections. In this custom ribbon tab you can then add any of the commands. (Some commands cannot be added to various standard tabs. Like Mapkeys is not a Table function, so you can't add it to the Table tab.)

Take a look at the attached doc.


I was just about to send that, Donald. Also, just a quick way to find buried menus (and, in most cases, also see where they originate.....doesn't help in that regards here....), use the Command Search. Definitely have to hand it to the PTC folks on this one.


Picking then executes the function.


Thanks Don and Brian - it is great to learn that you guys are looking out
for me. I did know of customizing the ribbon and adding a custom tab. This
I will surely use as I transition my workflow to embrace the new. My ideal
situation, however, is to not have to transition at all. My muscle memory
flies the cursor to the right side of the screen for many, many tasks. Now
I not only have to train the hand not to do that, but I have to STILL do
that when I am working in a previous version forcing me to always consider
what version I am using. ( I suppose I could move the older RH side
toolbars up to the top of the screen in WF4 and 5)

Typing or saying out loud the following sounds so trivial, but it is really
a source of annoyance,

frustration and flow interruption - Not only is the custom stuff in a
different location (top vs. RH side) what you've shown me requires another
click to get what I want. Yes - it is just an another click - just one
small click - but that is actually 100% more clicks than I am accustomed to.

I know the ribbon from MS Office and from WF5 2D work. I don't hate it
necessarily, but I think it is a stupid implementation of a UI and does not
make things more efficient.

When the ribbon first emerged in PTC products, there was a poster on this
forum who told of making a mapkey to click on the annotation tab - I laughed
at the absurdity of it. Now that I am in Creo and forced to use it, I am
not laughing, but considering such a set of mapkeys.

Sorry for complaining. But I don't think I am alone with this opinion.

And the default color scheme. light green vs. dark green on white. yikes.

Back to work. Thanks again.



One also doesn't need to click on the tab to activate it. Just cursoring over the ribbon and using your mouse wheel will advance through the tabs.

And technically speaking you can make a single custom ribbon tab that has the buttons you use the vast majority of the time right there.

Taking the Annotate tab for instance, I know I would hardly ever use the icon for: Remove All Jobs, Remove All Breaks, Delete, Draft Group, Relate View, Relate to View, Relate to Object, Unrelate, Ordinate Dimension, Model Datum, Draft Datum, Symmetry Line Axis, Cleanup Dimensions, Attachment, Move to View, Move Special, Move to Sheet, Text Style, Line Style, Arrow Style, Repeat Last Format or Hyperlink. Some of that stuff is simply easier and quicker with the RMB.

I haven't tested extensively but what I have tested makes it seem like a custom tab doesn't care what command you're trying to use.

For example, I created this custom tab and the commands seem to operate without complaint, without switching to the proper default tab and without holding the Alt key. I could also move some of the lesser used functions to a group overflow area.

Just food for thought.

Hey, Nate,

Yea, I feel for ya. During upgrade here, one of the things I warned was that if you didn't like the Office 2010 tabs, you're in for a rough ride. It would be nice to enable the toolbar customization in addition to the tabs. And sometimes (often?), PTC's view of how things "should" work don't line up with how a huge majority of their actual users actually use it (they definitely have the Apple mentality in that respect). A couple of other quick notes on the customization that we made sure to tell our users (recommended, definitely not a must and arguments go opposite of some of these as well, too!).

· Stay open and try the default setup first. Then move into customizations (kind of like own a home first and then build a custom home sort of thing).

· If you make customizations, stick with just creating your own tabs. Leave the default stuff there to just "get used to it".

· If you do customize existing ribbons/groups, push things to the overflow rather than removing them as removing them impacts the command search.

· If you do make your own tab, push it all the way to the left so it always opens in that tab (and you can then put the important stuff that you use most of the time).

Subsequent model windows start with that tab active:

· Use as many big icons as screen space allows (easier to find the functionality you want).

And I think voicing opinions (to use the management euphemism 😉 is important as PTC does react to at least some feedback on outlets like this (I know Jane and several others have responded to many personally on occasion).