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create popup menu with button clik


create popup menu with button clik

can anybody help me how to create popup with button click.The popup must contains label,TextFeild and button.


Do you mean java (j-link) ?


Hi Sangavi,

A couple of quick questions

  • What version of Creo are you using?
  • What API are you using?
  • By "popup" - do you mean a "PopupMenu" as in what happens when you "right click" somewhere? or do you mean just a "dialog box" with a button?

If you are looking for an actual "Dialog" box - I would highly recommend using Creo's "UI Editor" to help create your dialog. It is quick and easy to create a dialog with the layout you want, and it will even auto-generate C++ code for you.

On the other hand... if you are using ProToolkit, and only need a dialog box with some "standard" buttons, then ProUIMessageDialogDisplay should do the trick.

"Standard buttons" include:

typedef enum pro_ui_message_button


  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_ABORT = 0, /* Abort from the appln */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_RETRY = 1, /* Retry the step */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_IGNORE = 2, /* Ignore the event */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_CONFIRM = 3, /* Confirm the event */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_YES = 4, /* confirm the event */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_NO = 5, /* disagree */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_OK = 6, /* acknowldge */

  PRO_UI_MESSAGE_CANCEL = 7 /* disacknowledge */


Some example code (NOTE: I haven't tested this - so hopefully it works haha):

ProError hello_world {

  ProError err = PRO_TK_NO_ERROR;

  ProUIMessageType message_type = PROUIMESSAGE_INFO;

  ProUIMessageButton *buttons;

  ProUIMessageButton ok_button = PRO_UI_MESSAGE_OK;

  ProUIMessageButton cancel_button = PRO_UI_MESSAGE_CANCEL;

  err = ProArrayAlloc(0, sizeof(ProUIMessageButton), 1, (ProArray*)&buttons);

  err = ProArrayObjectAdd((ProArray*)&buttons, -1, 1, &ok_button);

  err = ProArrayObjectAdd((ProArray*)&buttons, -1, 1, &cancel_button);

  ProUIMessageButton user_picked_this_one = PRO_UI_MESSAGE_CANCEL; // set an initial value just incase

  err = ProUIMessageDialogDisplay(message_type, L"Hello World", L"Hello, World!\nThis is a popup.", buttons, ok_button, &user_picked_this_one);

  if (err == PRO_TK_NO_ERROR && user_picked_this_one == PRO_UI_MESSAGE_OK) {

    return PRO_TK_NO_ERROR; // hooray! ^_^




"pfcSession::UIShowMessageDialog" is the OTK (C++) equivalent.

Let me know if this works for you, and feel free to PM me if you have more questions.


James Sullivan

CadActive Technologies

President & Founder
CadActive Technologies -