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what is it that i am missing?


what is it that i am missing?

I have followed jlinkug.pdf, setting up j-link, and the sample applications, installing j-link, sample applications, and install test.


I have tried over and over again but still no luck.


here is my protk.dat

name startInstallTest

startup java


java_app_start start

java_app_stop stop

java_app_classpath C:\jlink\jlink_appls\install_test

allow_stop true

delay_start false

text_dir C:\jlink\jlink_appls\install_test\text




here is one step im not quite grasping.

1. Set the path and CLASSPATH variables to include the Java

Development Kit as described in Java Options and Debugging on page


2. Set the CLASSPATH to include the J-Link synchronous archive and the

current directory.

On Windows set the CLASSPATH as:

set CLASSPATH=<creo_loadpoint>\<datecode>\Common Files


3. Compile the java files in the directory using the command javac *.java.





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PTC does not enable you to use any Java version. See attached file.

Martin Hanak

Martin Hanák