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Duplicate/Shadow Workplane in Display


Duplicate/Shadow Workplane in Display

I am having trouble with the display of Workplanes in my Creo/Elements Direct Modeling. It is as if a shadow or copy of the workplane is displayed along with it - the shadow can not be selected and is not a separate plane. I have tried changing all visibility-related settings in the 3D Object area, Viewport settings, Workplane Properties and Show settings as well. I can not get the duplicate to go away and it is very deceiving when modeling - especially since I normally work with many planes at the same time. The number of planes I am seeing is actually DOUBLE what I should be seeing. Does anyone know how to turn OFF this option, assuming that it IS optional?



Korie Carter

Tensor Engineering

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Hello, can you send some image to show us?



i have the same issue, should you have found a solution for this issue?

No - no one ever replied to me or addressed the issue, but it drives me crazy. It is very difficult because I work with models that have over 50 workplanes in them, which means I see 100 of them. Very frustrating.

Looks like a video card issue.

What video card are you using?

Have you tried to update the video card drivers?

I am using an NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 card. I have tried updating the drivers and even had a new card installed recently. The card does have program-specific settings but I can't seem to find one that applies.

you do not happen to have a environment variable installed called SDPIXELFORMAT with value SOFTWARE?

i can simulate the problem when i set this variable.

are you using the certified driver or the most recent driver. the most recent driver is not necessarily the best!

No, I do not have that environment variable set in Windows 7. I am using the most up to date driver... perhaps I will look for a different one to see if that makes a difference.

Can you swap out the card? Ebay has listings for '4800s for a few hundred dollars. Other cards go for much less, if you just want to try isolating - '1800s for $50. I know this because I had an '1800 that stopped playing video, all else worked. $50 was worth the drop in replacement.

Otherwise, this is a great time to get familiar with layer controls/rules and mapkeys. See? Silver Lining!

I already have swapped out the card. Several of my coworkers have different models of NVIDIA Quadro cards and we are all experiencing the duplicate/shadow work planes.

What do you mean by layer controls and mapkeys?