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ThingWorx 8.3 What's new


ThingWorx 8.3 What's new

ThingWorx 8.3 covers the following areas of the product portfolio:  ThingWorx Analytics, ThingWorx Utilities, and ThingWorx Foundation which includes Connection Server and Edge capabilities.


Highlights of the release include:


ThingWorx Foundation

  • Next Generation Composer:
    • Now default admin and developer interface
    • Full Feature parity with legacy Composer
    • New capability for User and Group administration, Authorization and permissions, Export, Monitoring and Logging. More in Helpcenter
    • Localization support for German and French
  • Mashup Builder:
    • JQuery 3 upgrade
    • Grid Advanced Extension now supports Cell Editing and Footers
  • Platform:
    • Active Directory (AD) Integration enhancements for larger AD forests and user extension field mapping
    • Upgrade in-place enhancements for Java SDK developers
  • Developer Enablement
    • Capture the usage statics such as time taken to execute a ThingWorx service, # of times a service runs in ThingWorx using Service Utilization Statistics functionality powered by all new and efficient Utilization Subsystem.
    • Collect ThingWorx system data such as ESAPI configuration, ThingworxStorage logs, licensing, and JVM information to better diagnose system issues
  • Administrator Password and Password Length
    • New installations of ThingWorx will be required to supply the initial Administrator password of the installer’s choice. That password must be supplied via a new entry in the platform-settings.json file. After the initial installation, the Administrator password should then be changed to a strong password to be used going forward. Additional information.
    • As a step toward industry best practices, the Administrator password and all new passwords will need to be at least 10 characters.  When upgrading to 8.3, passwords from older versions of the platform will not need to be modified, but any new passwords being created will need to be at least 10 characters long.
    • See the installation instructions for complete details.


ThingWorx Analytics

  • New Descriptive Services 
    • Core statistics (min, max, deviation, etc.), data distribution (binning), confidence intervals, and other useful calculations.
    • Frequency analysis and transformation (via fast Fourier transform) for troubleshooting use cases and predictive analytics applications
    • Improves users’ ability to apply logic and derive the following insights from streaming data without constructing complex models or accessing machine learning:
    • Enables platform developers to easily process platform data in their applications and prepare the data for predictions.
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Services
    • Provides industry-standard calculations that allow IoT developers to implement SPC “control chart rules” in their applications.  Useful in manufacturing and in monitoring equipment and processes.
    • Supports a wide assortment of rules, including number of points continuously above / below a range, in and out of range, increasing or decreasing trends, or alternating directions.
  • Analytics Workbench
    • Bundles the two Analytics interfaces (Analytics Builder and Manager) into a new Analytics section in Composer.
  • Predictive Analytics Improvements
    • Reduces overall install and administration complexity.
    • Improves handling of time dseries data when used in predictive scoring.
    • Includes a new learner, Support Vector Machines, enhancing the platform’s utility in building Boolean predictions.
    • Includes a new ensemble method, Majority Vote, that improves generated model accuracy.
    • Provides redundancy filtering which can optionally remove redundant information to improve explanatory analytics (Signals) and predictive model training.
    • Now supports time series lookahead configuration, simplifying this type of prediction.
    • Replaces ThingPredictor predictive scoring in Analytics Manager with native Analytics Server scoring:
    • Improves scalability of concurrent jobs.

Axeda Compatibility Package

  • IDM Connector Support

o   ACP v1.1.0 introduces the IDM Connector which enables Axeda customers to connect their Axeda IDM agents to the ThingWorx platform.  The IDM Connector provides support for registration requests, property updates, faults, events, file uploads and downloads. 

  • Axeda ThingWorx Entity Exporter Update

o   ACP v1.1.0 also includes an updated version of Axeda-ThingWorx Entity Exporter (ATEE) which now supports exporting Axeda IDM assets from the Axeda application into a format that can be imported in the ThingWorx Platform. 

  • eMessage Connector Improvements

o   Additionally, ACP v1.1.0 includes support for instruction based Software Content Management packages for the eMessage Connector which allows you to download file(s), execute instruction(s) and optionally restart the agent.  The Axeda Compatibility Extension (ACE) has new entities to support the IDM Connector and SCM for the eMesssage Connector. 

o   Finally, updated versions of the Axeda Compatibility Extensions (ACE) and the Connection Services Extension (CSE) are included in ACP v1.1.0 and provide an improved workflow for granting permissions to the eMessage and IDM Connectors.

ThingWorx Extension Updates

  • Websocket Tunnel Extension Update
    • The Websocket Tunnel Extension was updated for 8.3 to support the upgrade to jQuery3
  • Grid Advanced 4.0.0 comes with 2 key features:
    • Editing - we now have cell editing support for all basetypes. The previous version had boolean editing; 4.0.0 now includes support for all basetypes.
    • Footers - A footer section can now be added to the Grid to display rolled-up Grid totals. You can perform client-side calculations like count, min, max and average, and it includes support for custom functions.
    • Note - Grid Advanced 4.0.0 only supports ThingWorx 8.3 and above.
  • Custom Charts 3.0.1
    • 12 Bug Fixes
  • Google Maps 3.0.1
    • General Bug Fixes

ThingWorx Utilities

  • With the 8.3 Release, ThingWorx Utilities functionality are being repackaged into ThingWorx Foundation and ThingWorx Asset Advisor.  ThingWorx Workflow will now be available with Foundation.  The functionality from the Asset and Alert Management Utilities will be delivered in ThingWorx Asset Advisor.  ThingWorx Software Content Management capabilities will continue to be available for customer to manage the delivery of Software to their Connected Products.  The naming of “Utilities” is being phased out of the ThingWorx Platform packaging but the key functionality formerly described as ThingWorx Utilities continues to be delivered with version 8.3.





The following items will be available for download from the PTC Software Download site on June 8, 2018.