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ActiveMQ Java Sample Consumer

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Shown below is example code that when deployed in the appropriate container, will allow an end-user to talk to the Axeda Platform Integration Queue.

A customer should supply their unique values for the following properties:

  • queueName
  • user
  • password
  • url

import java.util.Properties;

import javax.jms.*;

import javax.naming.*;

public class SampleConsumer {

    private String queueName = "com.axeda.integration.ACME.queue";

    private String user = "system";

    private String password = "manager";

//private String url = "ssl://hostname:61616";

  private String url = "tcp://hostname:61616";

    private boolean transacted;

    private boolean isRunning = false;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws NamingException, JMSException


        SampleConsumer consumer = new SampleConsumer();;


    public SampleConsumer()


        /** For SSL connections only, add the following: **/

//        System.setProperty("", "path/to/client.ks");

//        System.setProperty("", "password");

//        System.setProperty("", "path/to/client.ts");


    public void run() throws NamingException, JMSException


        isRunning = true;


        //JNDI properties

        Properties props = new Properties();

        props.setProperty(Context.INITIAL_CONTEXT_FACTORY, "org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory");

        props.setProperty(Context.PROVIDER_URL, url);


        //specify queue propertyname as queue.jndiname

        props.setProperty("queue.slQueue", queueName);


        javax.naming.Context ctx = new InitialContext(props);

        ConnectionFactory connectionFactory = (ConnectionFactory)ctx.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

        Connection connection = connectionFactory.createConnection(user, password);



        Session session = connection.createSession(transacted, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);


        Destination destination = (Destination)ctx.lookup("slQueue");

        //Using Message selector ObjectClass = ‘AlarmImpl’

        MessageConsumer consumer = session.createConsumer(destination, "ObjectClass= 'LinkedList'");


        while (isRunning)


            System.out.println("Waiting for message...");

            Message message = consumer.receive(1000);

            if (message != null && message instanceof TextMessage) {

                TextMessage txtMsg = (TextMessage)message;

                System.out.println("Received: " + txtMsg.getText());



        System.out.println("Closing connection");






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