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Anomaly Detection 8.0 –Part 3. Viewing Data via Anomaly Mashup

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This video is the 3rd part of a series of 3 videos walking you through how to setup ThingWatcher for Anomaly Detection. In this video we will use Anomaly Mashup to visualize data received from my remote device.


Updated Link for access to this video:  Anomaly Detection 8.0:  Viewing Data via Anomaly Mashup:  Part 3 of 3


Hey There,

Following this video has been very helpful. Currently my Anomaly Dashboard is not quite working and i would like confirm some steps.

Current Setup

Thingworx 8.0 setup and running fine on Windows server 2008 R2.

Thingworx Analytics server 8.0 running on Centos 7 linux in docker running fine.

Thingworx watcher docker microservices running on same linux box as analytics sever . Not sure about status. Have tried the URL for both and there return information in regards to the property i have setup to be monitored.

Kepware running and generating simulated data and connected to thingworx 8.0 - all good.

1. For Anomaly Detection does Analytics Server have to be running?

2. For the watcher do i still need to build and deploy a java harness for an instance of the ThingWatcherBuilder or now that i have connected to thingworx via the gui ( as shown in this video series part 2) dont need to do this.

The errors seem to be in the training stats and data not working correctly . I will out the details , just really need to know if i am required to still deploy and build an instance of the ThingWatcherBuilder

Thanks in advance for your help


Paul B

Hi Paul,

For the first question the answer is:

Analytics Server does not need to be running.

For the second question the answer is:

No need to build any java yourself. Only requirement for you is to deploy the Microservices (Java) in your case it will be the Microservices-Docker. Here is a video that demonstrates this

For detailed information you can also view our online ThingWatcher deployment guide

I hope above clarify your question.


Asia Garrouj

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