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Deploy Statistical Process Control Part 2

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Step 3: Monitor SPC Properties


Once the properties have been configured, you are ready to progress on to SPC monitoring.


This is done by viewing the PTC.SPC.Monitoring_MU Mashup.


NOTE: Once a property has been configured for SPC monitoring, 2-5 minutes must pass before the accelerator has collected enough streaming values to perform SPC calculations. During this time, you may see an item that has 2 OOC rules violated; “Collecting Enough Data to Begin Monitoring” and “… to Compute Capability”.




  1. Within Property SPC Status, click an item from the grid that has 0 in the OOC column.

    1. See that the Out of Control Rules area is blank, since there are no currently-violated SCP rules for that selected property.
    2. Both CP and CPK are above 1.0, showing that the process is capable.
    3. All the points in the charts are blue, as they do not violate any OOC rules.

  2. Within Property SPC Status, click an item from the grid that has a nonzero number in the OOC column.



    1. See that the Out of Control Rules area has one or more rules listed that are currently being violated.
      • Here, the rule being violated is Range Out of Control.
    2. One or more of the charts may have point(s) that are red.
      • Here, you can see one of the points in the R chart is red, as it is above the Upper Control Limit.
  3. In the bottom-left, click Refresh Now.



    1. Note that the datetime value of the date picker in the lower-left indicates the period to which the Mashup has updated.
    2. It is possible that Properties that were previously not in violation are now violating OOC rules; the opposite is also possible.
    3. Note that not all points that violate an OOC rule will display in red.
    4. Here, you can see that the rule 8 Consecutive Points Above Center Line is violated, but the corresponding points in the X-Bar Chart are not red.
  4. View the SPC status at a time from the recent past.

    1. In the lower-left, click date picker.
    2. Choose a datetime of 2-3 minutes in the past.
      1. You will see that the date picker reflects the datetime value you selected.
      2. All the Widgets in the Mashup are updated to reflect their status at that point in time.
  5. Enter continuous monitoring mode.

    1. Select any of the eight (8) items from the Property SPC Status area.

    2. To the left of the Refresh Now button, click the toggle.

      • This will enable the Mashup to auto-refresh every 30 seconds.
    3. In the upper-right corner of the Property SPC Status area, click the gray arrow to expand the monitoring display.



      • Every 30 seconds, the monitoring display will update to show the most recent status for the item you selected.




Step 4: Next Steps


Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the Deploy Statistical Process Control guide, and learned how to:


  • Configure multiple properties for SPC monitoring
  • Identify abnormalities in streaming property values


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Additional Resources

If you have questions, issues, or need additional information, refer to:


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