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GitBackup Extension 4.1.0 for ThingWorx 8.4, 8.5 and 9.0

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Hello community,


I'm happy to announce that I released GitBackup Extension 4.1.0 with some nice help from the community (special thanks to Tanguy Parmentier who provided all the localization export functionality). Many thanks for the people who provided feedback allowing this features to be prioritized.


Version 4.1.0 brings several new features to the table:

  1. (Finally) Allows the user to specify a subset of Entities for Export
  2. Allows importing a single Entity from the Workspace, so it’s easier now to checkout a specific commit in the past and import that file version for testing.
  3. Adds the capability to Export localization tokens filtered by a specific prefix - overridable by you at export time.
  4. Adds a Log screen that contains log entries for some of the most used methods that caused silent fails.
  5. Closed remote branches are auto-pruned.
  6. Further cleans the ThingWorx XML source files, by removing the ModelPersistenceProviderPackage.
  7. The Main Mashup UI is slightly redesigned: there's a new Manage tab which holds the Settings, Delete Git Thing and more.
  8. The Export Mashup UX is improved: export buttons are no longer visible if you don't select a project.
  9. Supports ThingWorx 9.0
  10. Two separate releases: one for 8.4&8.5 and one for 9.0

The documentation was updated and I suggest further reading the release notes and specifically the ones regarding the new Log and prune capabilities.

In addition, the mechanism that cleans the source code is extensible, and most of the entities are editable, allowing you to tweak it to your own usecase.


The Extesion source code is available here:

The importable Extension zip files are available here:


Special note for people using ThingWorx 9.0: in this version some internal ThingWorx SDK Java methods changed their signature, and this required me to build a special releases for 9.0. The extension I built for 9.0 won't run correctly in 8.4/8.5 and also the reverse.

As such, you will always see two releases for each GitBackup version: one for 9.0 and one for the 8.4/8.5.

My ask for you is the following:

  • don't click on the latest release Github shows - that will always send you to the latest release, which might not be compatible with the ThingWorx version you are using
  • always use the link above to choose the Extension compatible with your ThingWorx version
  • read carefully which release you download. The title contains the ThingWorx version compatible with that release.


This Extension is licensed under the MIT Licence and is provided as-is and without warranty or support. It is not part of the PTC product suite.


Taking into consideration the statement above:


For OOTB Git support in the ThingWorx platform, please raise a ThingWorx Idea in the PTC Community here


Thank you!


Important note: versions of the GitBackup extension older than (not including) 4.x will not work in ThingWorx versions 9.0 and higher. In this case, please make sure to update your GitBackup extension to the last version, which should be higher than 4.0.0.

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‎Oct 07, 2020 10:07 AM
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