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How to identify what threshold is selected by Thingworx Analytics for Boolean Predictions?

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When predicting a Boolean goal such as Failure in the next hour or any other goal that has a yes or no answer, Thingworx Analytics(TWXA) models will output a 'risk' of the event occurring. TWXA will intelligently pick a threshold beyond which that risk warrants attention.

1. In Analytics Builder, click on the export button

2. This will export a PMML model and download it for you

3. Open up the PMML model, in the output section, you will find a condition that explains the threshold that was selected by TWX Analytics.


In this example case, TWXA chose 0.5 as the best Threshold.


Note: The export button will only be available in Builder for TWXA 8.4+.


Hi @rkhadilkar 


Thank you for sharing this.

For users on older versions, they can follow the information in this article to find the threshold use and how to export the pmml:


Kind rgeards



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