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Join us on Feb 24th for Thingworx Mashup 101 - Do's and Don'ts Expert Session

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We will host a live Expert Session: "Thingworx Mashup 101 - Do's and Don'ts" on February 24th, 13h30 EST.


Please find below the description of the expert session and the registration link.


Expert Session: Thingworx Mashup 101 - Do's and Don'ts

Date and Time: February 24th, 13h30 EST

Duration: 1 hour

Host: Aanjan Ravi - Technical Product Manager

Registration Here:



This session covers the most common and useful tips about how to correctly use Mashup builder, Widgets and Layouts – and what to avoid -  to create applications with good principles of UI/UX and easier to maintain.


Existing Recorded sessions can be found on support portal using the keyword ‘Expert Sessions’.

You can also suggest topics for upcoming sessions using this small form.


Here are some recorded sessions that might be of your interest. You can find recordings for the full library of webinars using the keyword ‘Expert Sessions’ in PTC support portal search

Thingworx Active Active Clustering

This session will cover the main aspects of the High Availability Clustering feature launched with the ThingWorx 9.0 release.


Recoding Link

Upgrade to Thingworx 9 – How to Plan / Evaluate Impacts

This session highlights the key points you should evaluate to properly plan your upgrade to Thingworx 9.

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Top 5 items to check for Thingworx Performance Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot performance issues in a Thingworx Environment? Here we cover the top 5 investigation steps that will help you understand the source of your environment issues and allow better communication with PTC Technical Support



Recording Link


Hi All


Our expert session: Thingworx Mashup 101 - Do's and Don'ts is tomorrow!!! Click the link below to register and remember to talk about it to colleagues that might benefit from its content.


See you there!


You will find the recording for this session here (with Q&A transcript!)


Your feedback is very important to us! After watching the recording, please take 2 min to complete this survey

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