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Performance Advisor for ThingWorx - explore, configure and share

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You might have seen the Performance Advisor for some of your other favorite PTC Products like Creo, Windchill or Integrity.  Good's now also available for ThingWorx!


In case you're not familiar with the Performance Advisor, it's new functionality allowing you to work closer with the PTC / ThingWorx team for improving your usage with ThingWorx and improving ThingWorx itself in the areas that matter most to you.



 ThingWorx Performance Advisor


  • delivers information dashboards driven by data on the features, usage and performance of your ThingWorx systems
  • unlocks information that can reduce wasted development and improve design cycles
  • allows comprehensive visibility into software versions in use to manage software upgrade plans
  • simplifies compliance and revenue allocation by monitoring usage
  • enables quick access to system and usage statistics across your organization
  • uses personalized dashboards to viewing, reporting and trend analysis


The Performance Advisor for ThingWorx has just been released, so we want you to share your experience and data to get you and us started on analyzing usage statistics and needs for further features.


The Performance Advisor is easy to connect. It just takes three simple steps and a minute of your time.

This will result in improved transparency, improved stability, improved productivity, improved product performance, improved compliance administration and an increased administrative efficiency and allows the ThingWorx R&D team to continuously improve the platform through the analytical insights from the data collected.


As ThingWorx is growing fast, be sure to participate and actively shape the way you're using ThingWorx and the way that ThingWorx is designed.


With newer versions of ThingWorx, capabilites and benefits for the Performance Advisor will be improved to ensure we're capturing the most accurate information to help you grow your Internet of Things business and scale your solutions to your / your application's needs and requirements. We're just at the beginning of the journey...


How to enable ThingWorx Performance Advisor


Enable Metrics Reporting and setting up the Performance Advisor capabilties is described in detail in CS262960

Just follow the steps and: Congratulations!


It's as simple and fast as that - you enabled the ThingWorx Performance Advisor... quite easy, right?


Where can I see the data / metrics I have sent to PTC?


The information can be seen on the Performance Advisor Homepage


Here's how the current views look like - they might change over time, introducing new features and views to maximize the impact and benefit for you.


In a first glance the basic information of what has been collected can be seen in the Summary



In the Connection System Details it shows more about what systems are currently connected with its user counts and number of remote things. The Connected System History shows a historical overview on how those parameters changed over time.


For a more detailed historic overview of all the data being sent, check out the Historical Property Data.





For specific questions, check out article CS262967 which holds the FAQs for the Performance Advisor


If you have specific questions not addressed in the article, you can always comment on this blog post, open a new community thread or open a case with Support Services.


We want your feedback


After enabling metrics collection and reviewing the Performance Advisor dashboards, what do you think? What features would you like to see in the future? Is there anything missing that would help you as a System Administrator making your life easier?


As we're trying to improve functionality over time, make sure your voice is heard as well and feel free to leave some feedback.



This is great!

What API should I use for this feature in my extensions?

While realising this is a 4 years old question, I'm replying since it is important to know that this feature is not something that is available as API in the Extension SDK.

As the article states, this feature can send health data from your ThingWorx instance to the PTC Performance Advisor server. There's no need to write any extension here, it's just configuration, and there is no public API for this feature that was added to the Extension SDK for this.

Hope that makes sense!

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