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Tech Tip: Setting the Agent ping rate (poll rate or heartbeat)

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Background: The frequency with which an Agent checks its connection to the Axeda Cloud Server is called the Agent “ping rate” (also known as heartbeat). (For Axeda IDM Agents, ping rate is referred to as “poll rate”; the meaning is the same.)

Pings are a very important aspect of Firewall-Friendly communication. All communication between the Agent and the Cloud Server is initiated by the Agent. In addition to indicating the Agent is still active, the Ping also gives the Cloud Server an opportunity to send commands back to the Agent on the Ping acknowledgement.

The ping rate effectively defines how long users must wait before they can deliver a command or request to an Agent. Typical commands may include setting a data item, starting an Access Session, or running a script.

The place where Ping rate is most noticeable to system users is when requesting a remote session. When a session request has been submitted by the user, the Cloud Server waits for the next Agent ping in order to send down the command to begin the session process. A longer ping rate means the remote session takes longer to get started. (Note that the same is true of any command initiated from the Axeda Cloud Server.)

Ping traffic comprises the majority of inbound traffic to the Cloud Server. The higher the ping rate, the more resources are consumed on the Server and the greater the requirements for network bandwidth for the customer. Unnecessarily high ping rates will result in an increase in network traffic on your customer's network.

By default, the ping rate for Firewall-Friendly Agents is 60 seconds, or every 1 minute. The Agent ping rate is set using Axeda Builder when configuring the project. The ping rate can also be set via an action from the Axeda Cloud Server. When set via an action, the new ping rate is in effect until the next Agent restart (at which time the Agent will go back to the default ping rate set in the project).

The Axeda Cloud Server also uses Agent ping rate to determine when assets are missing. One of the model settings is to define how many missed pings (or missed pings and time) will cause a device to be marked as missing. The default setting for new models is to mark assets as missing after they’ve missed 3 consecutive pings.

Recommendations: Make sure that your Agents’ ping rates are set to reasonable frequencies.

The ping rate should be set based on use case and not necessarily volume. The recommended practice is to make sure the ping rate is never set less than 60 seconds. Where possible the ping rate should be set to 2 minutes or higher. In the end, it is often user expectations around starting Access sessions that drives the ping rate value.

If only occasional user access is required, one recommendation is to dynamically adjust the ping rate when conditions require expedited communication with the Cloud Server. One use case is to expedite a remote session when a device is in alarm condition or when an end user needs assistance. In this case you would temporarily increase the ping rate. This can be done using an action from the Cloud Server, by downloading a software package ping rate update, or by Agent extension using the SDK. (For information about using the Agent SDK, see the Axeda® Platform Extending Axeda® Agents PDF.)

You can configure alerts to indicate if an asset is missing. Axeda recommends that you configure the alert to a reasonable time given your resources and the expense of tracking every missing asset. A reasonable missing alert for your organization may be 1-2 days, meaning the Server generates the missing asset alert only after the asset has been missing for one or two days, based on its ping rate, and an asset should be marked as missing only after 15 missed pings or 30 minutes (whichever is less).

The most common cause of a missing asset is not an issue with the device but rather the loss of Internet connectivity.

Note: Any communication from an Agent also serves the function of a Ping. E.g., if the ping rate is set to 30 minutes and the device is sending a data value every 5 minutes, the effective Ping rate is 5 minutes.

Need more information? For information about specifying Agent ping rate, see the online help in Axeda® Builder (Enterprise Server Settings). If setting the ping rate from Platform actions or verifying Agent ping rates, see the online help of the Axeda® Connected Management Applications.

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