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ThingWorx 8.5.0 Is Available for Download! What's new?

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ThingWorx Foundation

  • Flow
    • Enable customers using Azure to take advantage of Azure services
    • Access hundreds of Azure system connectors by invoking Azure Logic Apps from within ThingWorx Flow
    • Execute Azure functions to leverage Azure dynamic, serverless scaling and pay just for processing power needed
    • Access Azure Cognitive AI services for image recognition, text to voice/voice to text, OCR and more
    • Easily integrate with homegrown and commercial solutions based on SQL databases where explicit APIs or REST services are not exposed
    • Automatically trigger business process flows by subscribing to Windchill object class and instance events
    • Provide visibility to mature PLM content (such as when a part is released) to downstream manufacturing and supply chain roles and systems
    • Easily add new actions by extending functionality from existing connectors to create new actions to facilitate common tasks
    • Inherit or copy functionality from existing actions and change only what is necessary to support new custom action
    • Azure Connector
    • SQL Database Connector
    • Windchill Event Trigger
    • Custom Action Improvements
  • Platform
    • Composer: Horizontal tab navigation is back!  Also new Scheduler editor.
    • Security: TLS 1.2 support by default, new services for handling expired device connections
    • New support for InFlux 1.7 and MSSQL 2017
  • * New* Solution Central
    • Package, publish and upload your app with version info and metadata to your tenancy of Solution Central in the PTC cloud
    • Identify missing dependencies via automatic dependency management to ensure your application is packaged with everything required for it to run on the target environments
    • Garner enterprise-wide visibility of your ThingWorx apps deployed across the enterprise via a cloud portal showcasing your company’s available apps, their versions and target environments to foster a holistic view of your entire IIoT footprint across all of your servers, sites and use cases
    • Solution Central is a brand-new cloud-based service to help enterprises package, store, deploy and manage their ThingWorx apps
    • Accelerate your application deployment
    • Initially targeted at developers and admins in its first release, Solution Central enables you to:
  • Mashup Builder
    • 9 new widgets, 5 new functions.
    • Theme Editor with swappable Mashup Preview
    • Responsive Layout enhancements including new settings for fixed and range sizes
    • New Builder for custom screen sizes, new Widget and Style editors, Canvas Zoom
    • Migration utility available for legacy applications to help move to latest features
  • Security
    • 3 new built-in services for WebSocket Communications Subsystem: QueryEndpointSessions, GetBoundThingsForEndpoint, and CloseEndpointSessions
    • Provide greater awareness of Things bound to the platform
    • Allow for mass termination of connections, if necessary
    • Can be configured to automatically disconnect devices with expired authentication methods
    • Encrypting data-in-motion (using TLS 1.2) is a best practice for securely using ThingWorx
    • For previous versions, the installer defaulted to not configuring TLS; ThingWorx 8.5 and later installers will default to configuring TLS
    • ThingWorx will still allow customers to decline to do so, if desired
    • Device connection monitoring & security
    • TLS by default when using installer


ThingWorx Analytics

  • Confidence Model Training and Scoring (ThingWorx Analytics APIs)
    • Deepens functionality by enabling training and scoring of confidence models to provide information about the uncertainty in a prediction to facilitate human and automated decision making
  • Range Property Transform and Descriptive Service
    • Improves ease of implementation of data transformations required for common statistical process control visualizations
  • Architecture Simplification
    • Improves cost of ownership by reducing the number of microservices required by Analytics Server to reduce deployment complexity
    • Simplified installation process enables system administrators to integrate ThingWorx Analytics Server with either (or both) ThingWorx Foundation 8.5 and FactoryTalk Analytics DataFlowML 3.0.


ThingWorx Manufacturing and Service Apps & Operator Advisor

  • Manufacturing common layer extension - now bundling all apps as one extension (Operator Advisor, Asset Advisor, Production KPIs, Controls Advisor)
  • Operator Advisor user interface for work instruction delivery
  • Shift and Crew data model & user interface
  • Enhancements to Operator Advisor MPMLink connector
  • Flexible KPI calculations
  • Multiple context support for assets


ThingWorx Navigate

  • New Change Management App, first in the Contribute series, allows a user to participate in change request reviews delivered through a task list called “My Tasks”
  • BETA Release of intelligent, reusable components that will dramatically increase the speed of custom App development
  • Improvements to existing View Apps
    • Updated, re-usable 3D viewing component (ThingView widget)
    • Support for Windchill Distributed Vaults
    • Display of Security Labels & Values


ThingWorx Azure IOT Hub Connector

  • Seamless compatibility of Azure devices with ThingWorx accelerators like Asset Advisor and custom applications developed using Mashup Builder.
  • Ability to update software and firmware remotely using ready-built Software Content Management via “ThingWorx Azure Software Content Management” Module on Azure IoT Edge.
  • Quick installation and configuration of ThingWorx Azure IoT Hub Connector, Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Edge SCM module.









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