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ThingWorx Analytics Publish Model using TW.AnalysisServices.AnalyticsServer.AnalyticsServerConnector

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Underneath video walks through how to Publish a Model from Analytics Builder into Analytics Manager using the connector named TW.AnalysisServices.AnalyticsServer.AnalyticsServerConnector.


This step is keep failing on me. 

I have TW Foundation 8.3.1 and TW Analytics 8.3.1. I am following demo on "Operationalize an Analytics Model" (

After pressing "Publish" button following message appears:


Application log message:

Unable to deploy model to TW.AnalysisServices.AnalyticsServer.AnalyticsServerConnector


I found only THingPredictor related issues on this step. (not it).


Hi tcoufal,

Would you be able to share the extension you are using? I can then attempt to recreate the issue, and investigate.

Thank you,


You mean extension which adds Analytics Builder and Analytics Manager into the Composer?

I used one which was bundled with Analytics Server installation package.   

Yes, I mean the extension which adds Analytics Builder and Analytics Manger into the Composer.

Though, in release 8.3.1 the bundled Analytics Server did not include any Analytics extension.

Could you have used the 8.4.0 bundle installer which does include the Analytics extension?

If yes, then re-verify your ThingWorx platform version and make sure it's compatible, her is  a link to PTC Help Center Compatibility Matrix. You can verify your ThingWorx Platform version from Composer>Help>About.


If no, please share a .png of your current ThingWorx_Analytics_Builder_Extension version and your ThingWorx_Analytics_Console_Extension version. E.g as underneath .png.

If you are using ThingWorx Platform version 8.3.1 the extensions can be found via Import/Export>Manage


Analytics Server version can be viewed from Analytics Builder>Settings. E.g as underneath .png.

Please also, share your Analytics Server version from Builder.

Kind regards,


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