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ThingWorx Manufacturing and Service Apps 8.2.0 are Available for Download!

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Key Functional Highlights

  • Add connectivity to National Instruments TestStand
  • Make it easier to edit the apps
    • Easier to find mashups and things in Composer
    • Support for Asset sub-types
    • Open up the tag picker to allow adding any connection types through Composer
  • General App Improvements
    • Enhance tag picker to improve speed of configuration
    • Make it easier to add additional properties to assets
    • Make app configuration more intuitive by centralizing the configuration
  • Controls Advisor
    • Merge the Server and Connection status fields
  • Asset Advisor
    • Performance improvement when displaying pages
    • Add support for CFS/ServiceMax integration
    • Added trial support for Service




  • ThingWorx 8.2.x
  • KEPServerEX 6.2 and later
  • KEPServerEX V6.1 and older as well as different OPC Servers (with Kepware OPC aggregator)
  • National Instruments TestStand 2016 SP1 and later
  • Support upgrade from 8.0.1 and later