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Learn the KEPServer EX Using a Sigma Tile


Learn the KEPServer EX Using a Sigma Tile

In this guide you will learn how to connect a Sigma Tile to a computer or server running Kepware KEPServerEX.

After downloading and configuring the free trial version of Kepware KEPServerEX, you will be able to experience the power of the Industrial IoT with your Sigma Tile acting as PLC communicating to your server via MODBUS and representing a device, an asset or a line streaming its sensor data: temperature, humidity, pressure, acceleration and acting like a real production asset. You will also be able to control the Sigma Tile LED display from KEPServerEX.



As I download SigmaTile_SenseHat_v5.opf from the link in the PDF file .

I can't see the Channel1.SigmaTile1.ErrorCode. in the list but I can see other value .

So I can't use joystick to toggle between the different value.






you are right. This is missing in the SigmaTile Kepware file.

You just need to add a new tag in your Kepware channel definition

Name = ErrorCode

Address = 40028

Data Type = Word

do the same for the VibrationAlert because it is missing too.

Name = VibrationAlert

Address = 40029

Data Type = Word

You can find the addresses in the python script in hexadecimal format but please add "1" if you convert to decimal because modbus starts with "1" instead "0"

Restart your OPC QC then it should work fine.

Christoph C.


Hi Christine,

according to the guide we're supposed to login with our PTC credentials to download the KEPServerEX, see page 5. However, if I try to login at I receive the message "End users with email addresses cannot login. Please contact support team for help."


So, how can I login ?

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