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2D offset not working


2D offset not working

Using Modeling Express 6.0

New user here - so problem likely on my end!

I added an image to trace around, to ultimately make a 3D model of a cookie cutter, for 3D printing.

I trace over image in 2D, using splines and arcs (tracing angel wings in this case). I then try to select this trace to offset slightly. When I do so, the contour does not stay connected and does not extend the newly offset contour to the nodes (i.e., there are now breaks in the countour).

Is there something I need to do first to ensure this traced countour is treated like one continuous line to be offset?

much regards

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This is about Modeling Express, transferring the post to Modeling Express.

Hello Dough

for me, this is difficult to understand.

Do you want to upload your work here? as Pk2?

So we can try it

@ Mahesh Sharma:

I think if that does not work in Express 6, it happens also in the Modeling v19

Is it thus of general interest, or not?

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I believe that your problem is due to your use of splines. Splines in Creo Elements/Direct are of finite length. If you offset a spline, the offset spline is also still of finite length-about the same length as the original spline. So if you had started by creating the inside of your angel, and then offset to get the outside, there will be gaps wherever there were two splines that were connected on your original profile.

You have 3 choices:

1) Start with the outside of your angel; offsetting to the inside would mean that the offset curves need to be shorter, which is not a problem.

2) Add curves or splines to your profile to close up the gaps.

3) When you create your original splines on the inside, create them larger than they need to be and then trim them. When they are offset, Creo Elements/Direct will remember the original size of the splines and use that for the offset curves-hence, they will be larger and you may not get the gaps.

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