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3D MOLD Design using Pro Engineer


3D MOLD Design using Pro Engineer

dear All,

please advise and share... is there any one here using Pro Engineer for 3D Mold Design, i mean full complete mold design such as :

1. Spliting core-cavity-slide

2. Mold Base and standard/custom component Parts Lay out

3. Create Bill of Material

4. Mold Drawing properties and Detail drawing or Mold Production.



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dear Jakub,

thanks for sharing the information.

by the way right now i am stuck with my table for Bill of Material.

i want my table can give me or define the size or dimension of the model in my 3D mold design automatically.

so i think it will reduce much of my design time process, so far i fill my BOM table manually one by one.

for example for Core Insert : i want my table can define/retrieve --> lengthx width x height.

or for Core Pin : diameter x lenght.

please kindly share the next step of no.2

thanks and regards,


hi Joko,

I feel your pain, i wrote plenty of bom tables while measuring all the models in assembly and rewriting the numbers there manually. I wish i knew how to automate this process in ProE as well.

I am still in the process of reading a bunch of manuals for ProE and when i am done, which is gonna be in about forever, i ll try to figure this thing out.

For step 2:

Theres some kind of module called EMX (expert moldbase extension) which is what i didnt get to try yet.

dear Jakub,

EMX is the next process after splitting core-cav right, i mean this modul will give us command how to add water line, adding standard part, and how to lay out in a mold base, i just learn some of them.

back to the ProE Table, right now i still try to find out how to retrieve the x-y-z of each model by automatically.

dear Jakub, once you find out how to retrieve L-W-H dimension in ProE table, please kindly share.


Joko P

hello Joko,

There is a way to create user defined parameter and put it's value in a cell of a table.

Lets say you have a native proe assembly where you can see all the driving dimensions of every single part and their ID or value. I really dont know how to set up user defined parameter from a model dimension just guessing....

So you take this value and assign it to the parameter called "length" in part mode of every single part in the assembly. Well seems like its better to just write it down on a sheet of a paper since you are like already doing a manual work but anyway...

Now in your BOM table make the cell to show you the "length" parameter in every part using repeat region and such. Dont ask me how to do that step by step i have yet to make a functioning BOM table.

Ok so the problem here is how to automate the process of making the "length" parameter and giving it the total length value in one direction. Lets assume direction of one of part's coordinate system axis's. Like you described it.

You could use driving dimension to define the length but what if your design intent of the particular part isn't in a way so that there is always the total length dimension you are looking for?

And what about imported components? How are you going to measure those that way? They dont have any driving dimensions.

Sorry but that's about all i can say to this matter at the moment.


Regarding automatisation of filling BOM table with dimensions of parts and assemblies - it is possible.

I have "script" written in post regen relations in template for part/assy. You just define which dimension or measure feature is A,B,C,S or L or diameter and based on combo of these you get parameter filled with example AxBxC,AxB and s or Fi,s,L or AxB and L etc.

With regen of part/assy your parameter for dimensions gets updated based on changes to designated measures.

Saves enormous amount of time especially if you have to make family of parts or products.

dear All.

sorry for late reply.

Dear Jakob actually i already tried and using that way, i made a table (with some repeat region rule), then put driven dimension on the model, and go to the Relation to make some note (L=a, W=b, etc), then when i go to the Parameter, automatically i got some coloumn which is has L, W, H. And then go back to ProE Drawing, and insert the table, and the driven dimension show up in the table, it's work although there is still manual input in Relation command.

Dear Davor,

actually about this concern, i already ask help from my local PTC member, and until now i do not hear any news from them.


Joko P

hello Joko,

I've took some time to try to figure this thing out.

If you got something called advanced assembly extension for Pro/E, not really sure about the name, then you can use Evaluate Feature:

That means you dont have to go into your relation on every part but make eval feature instead.

Still a manual work.

They explain how to use it for BOM list here:

And here is a thread from this forum where someone was dealing with the same thing. Actually its so far the best solution i ve found:

You can measure a diagonal of bounding box in proe model using Info --> Model size command. But i have no idea how to retrieve that into parameter and how to retrieve x, y and z measures from it. Thats the last thing i need to be able to automate the BOM list creation completely.

dear Jakub.

thanks for the references.

i will deep see through this link.

by the way please kindly update if you get improve way about BOM table with automatic part size retrieval.

thanks and best regards.

Joko P

Hi All,

If anybody using EMX4.1 or 5.0, let me know. this automatic BOM creation is possible in EMX.

I can share my experience on how to create the BOM in proe or Excel


dear Radheesh.

right now we use EMX in Wild fire 5.0.

but when we create drawing for floor/workshop or create BOM, almost we did by manual, although some of them we already using parameter to retrieve part name and the number of them, but for dimension each part, like WxLxH insert steel, diameter of Core pin, I must write by manualy, so it take much time, and will give error due typo-error.

so if you have any reference to do BOM automatically including part size (WxLxH), i wish you do not mind to share here.


Joko P

dear All..

any update about this Automatic BOM in EMX..??


JOko P

Dear All,

Sorry for very late reply.

You can find one parameter called "Size" in EMX config file.

relate the parmeter to your BOM table.

click the BOM entries in the EMX toolbar to add the all the necessary parameters to all the parts in the EMX assy (including extracted core inserts)snap.jpgPicture1.png

dear sir

thks fr this important note about mold design with undercut.

I could not creat parting surface as given in tutorial even my silh curve is ok.

spliting shows opening error around logo.



It's been a while but as far as i remember, the parting surface creation isn't completely automatic. It needs some sort of a direction definition at each point of the parting curve.

Looks like someone has made a video of this tutorial on learning exchange website:

EDIT: Nevermind, i take it back. It's just a simple flat parting plane. Guess the tutorial wasn't even worth mentioning.

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