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3GB switch on HP 8740w laptop


3GB switch on HP 8740w laptop

Hi All,

does any of you have issues with implementing the 3 GB switch on this machine?

i just got back from our IT dep. and they claim the machines doesn't support this ...?

anyone having this model and managed to implement the 3gb switch?

win xp sp 3.



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Follow the instructions on this website.

If you put 4 GB of memory into this system does it show around 3.75GB? Or is it taking and subtracting the video memory from the memory pool also? We ran into this issue on the Dell M65, the hardware was not capable of addressing more than the 3.75 GB. So we were not able to get any program to address 3GB of memory as it was never available.


Did they use the userva = 2900 setting as well? Many graphics drivers
wont load with tht e 3GB switch set straight up, you have to add the
userva setting and set it to 2900 or something lower that works (say,

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Mark is correct. I have the 8730W and had to set userva = 2950.

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