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1-Newbie was launched

Hi folks,

Today I launched the blog, a



I'd like to say thank you for our 520 views in the first day and invite you to read my first article about CAM and


Hope to see your comments on

Thank you!


Hi folks...

Check it out and subscribe to if you like it!

Thank you!

Hi folks,

New post: Component Technologies in CAD/CAM

Enjoy it!


New post: Post-processors – What you should know about them


Daniel Santos

Thanks for another great article.

We use ICAM for post development. We started with ICAM before PTC offeredGPOST. We have been very happy with ICAM.

The last machine that we purchased was a 5 axis multi-tasking Mazak Integrex j300. We had the post developed by ICAM. This helped with the startup of the machine. After about 60 days we took over the development of the post. We have madevarious tweeks tothe postas we started exploring what we could do and not do with the machine.

As a general comment, post processors are never "finished". We are constantlychanging our post to make improvements to aid our machine operators and our CNC programmers. We have several old Mill-Turns that are "identicle". We recently split the one machine out with a post of it's own so we could tweek the code for the group of parts run on that machine. Some of those tweek saved cycletime but if they were put into the code for all of the machines and programs for all of the "identicle" machinesthere was a possibility of crashing amachine.

Hi Charles,

I agree with you that companies seeking excellence never consider their
posts finished.... We think alike...

Thank you for your feedback!



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