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Calculating Multiaxis positions


Calculating Multiaxis positions

Would anyone know if there a excel sheet or math calculator to input multiaxis cl data goto moves to help verify the post is modified correctly and to make sure the toolpath is process correct.

GOTO / 2.14373, 0.51450, 1.50000, $
0.37144886, 0.65651571, 0.65651571

Calculate to something like following and compare results for the machine G code.

G0 X-0.1444 Y-1.6124 B48.965 C60.499

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That will depend on your machine kinematics... no generic spreadsheets

Some years ago I wrote one to handle EULER angles for usage in
Heidenhain Cycle 19 / Millplus G7 in Deckel Maho DMU 70 Evo machines ...
it only works with nutator (45 degrees) table-table kinematics
models... and sure it does not deal with CL files or IJK vectors,
although I compute these I J K vectors in my formulas in a 2nd
calculations tab... I basically enter the EULER angles for rotations
around X Y Z and the spreadsheet computes the real values on the B/C

I'll try to find it here and email it to you all.. maybe you can use my
formulas to develop a reverse algorithm... anyway. It's all about the
kinematic model of your machine...



Hi folks,

Sorry for the delay... I forgot about this thread... just remembered about it while parking the car on my garage... go figure 😉

Please find it attached... In the tab "Kinematics math" you are going to find some figures... I commented all cells performing calculations so that you can see the formulas behind the figures...

This is a simple spreadsheet and does not solve math problems related to RTCP / TCPM, both commonly used in multiaxis machining... but it is a start anyway...

Good luck,


Daniel Santos - CAM Support

GE Oil&Gas