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EXTERNAL:CAD in the future


EXTERNAL:CAD in the future

First, continuing to support outsourcing to a communist country that owns all of your debt, does all of your manufacturing, and is demanding access to all of your IP, is just plain dumb....and is not good strategically for our country. I'm not complaining about "outsourcing"....just stating a very serious problem with who we choose to outsource too. It's funny how we all complain about becoming a communist country here in the U.S.....but we have no issues at all sending all of our jobs and money to communists countries.

I don't think I'm saying that I'm not "smart enough" to adapt to a global economy. I think I'm saying that I consciously choose NOT to have my products made by children or slaves in other countries in a work environment that doesn't have any safety regulations or for a company that doesn't care about the environment. I choose NOT to have a lead-paint toy from China placed under my tree (very difficult to accomplish). I do it because I care about the whole process, NOT just about the money I spend. Just because I care about HOW my products get made, doesn't imply that I'm not smart. What I'm saying is that I'm helping to CHANGE the global economy rather than simply ADAPT to someone else's perception of it. The ONLY thing that makes the global economy work in the manner in which it does is because WE, as the purchasers of products, consciously make the decision that the PRICE of the product is the most important factor. I have chosen to NOT make this my main decision factor (of course, one could argue that this does in fact make me stupid...hahaha.)
In your example, the only person actually doing any work is the Indian. In your loop, every web site you own (and he creates), sends more money and more jobs to India and less here. So who exactly would you be selling a product to if all of the people doing the work and making an income live in another country? You'd eventually have to sell to the people in that country. That would become your marketplace.

Mike -

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Hi Mike,

I did not intend to call you "not smart".

When I said "you" I was referring to all of us.

I apologize if it came off the wrong way.

The goal was to send $300 to India for start up

and $100M to U.S. to stimulate the economy.

There are plenty of out-of-work website developers

in the U.S. that would develop you a $300 website too.

I was just creating a model where anyone could be a

business owner at very little expense and effort.

The goal is to embrace the global economy.

Very respectfully,

Frederick Burke

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