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Holemaking, play toolpath delays


Holemaking, play toolpath delays

Hi all,

I am experiencing big delays when I am trying to play the toolpath on
the screen, for holemaking sequences. The delay can be up to two
minutes, for a holemaking sequence with just 20 holes! I have to
notice, that all the other sequences (surface, volume, profile, etc) are
normally executed with no delays at all.

Am I missing something here?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Vassilis Anagnostopoulos
* *
Industrial Area - Rodotopi
45500 - Ioannina

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Hi Vassilis

What dos it happens when you toggle off tool rendering? Which Release/Datecode are you using?

Daniel Santos
Suporte Aplicações CAM
GE Oil & Gas

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Rodovia de Acesso João de Góes, 2300
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GE imagination at work

This is a known bug when the working directory is on a windows network,
below is the information from PTC. Please file an enhancement request
as I would like to see this fixed. This issue has been around for a long
time, so it is clear it will not get fixed unless more complaints are
filed. The work around is to turn off windows "opportunistic file
locking" on the client PC.

After further investigation, I found that Software Performance Report
(SPR) #1783145 has been already filed for this issue. PTC development
team is currently investigate this issue further. This SPR has been
filed with 4-MEDIUM severity.

The current severity and status of the SPR can be reviewed using the SPR
Tracker on the PTC Website:

Bill Chapman



I have investigated your suggestions and the results are as follows:

1. Turning off the solid tool option has no effect

2. The complexity of the model doesn't affect. I tried with a very
simple model and the behavior was the same.

3. As Bill Chapman wrote below, this is a known old problem that comes
when the working directory is on the network. This is my case. My
working directory is located on a NAS RAID drive. When I transfered the
files locally, everything worked perfect. I will check to see what I
can do with this "opportunistic file locking" ..............

Vassilis Anagnostopoulos*
Industrial Area - Rodotopi
45500 - Ioannina
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